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Thank you for your interest. Until I have something more substantial to post here I’m just going to make a short synopsis of my vision and goals. My aim is to make a blog about what I like and what I love most about second life which is role playing and fashion, in particular, male fashion. I have 30 years of role playing  experience to justify my love of storytelling in RPGs, Of those 30 years, the last 8 years of which I’ve played as Matteus Weatherwax. My avatar name in Second Life, and more fictionally, my character in Role-Playing Games: Most notability Gorean Role-Play in Second Life.  Some of my most rewarding and regretful experiences came about with my then  Partner and real life friend Misha Hellershank generously and selflessly funded fully and chiefly operated a few Gorean RP sims. Often times in my direction or suggestion. For nearly five-years he labored both in his real life job and in his time spent in SL.  We had a great run, lots of good times, great stories, and true friends.

And I can definitely attest that many hours and a lot of Lindens were spent during that time on me, mostly shopping for anything and everything my eye fancied. Hours I would spend trying on,adjusting and perfecting outfits. Forever priming out houses, landscaping the sims and taking pictures of my avatar. I’m somebody that has always had a deep admiration for minor attention to details. Everything being kind of in its proper place. Time and time again I would get myself captured in combat cause I was to busy checking out who and what everyone around me was wearing. I’m a bit OCD.  I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to dressing my avatar. In my early days of Second Life, I would spend bucket loads of lindens to buy an outfit just to get one particular belt or maybe a pair of gloves, or whatever  caught my eye.

With the immersive amount of years and lindens that I have spent in, and for, my love of Second Life,  and for role playing there within, I have developed my character with a very prosperous history along with an inventory which would make most hordes humble.

Now is the time to take advantage of that history and take my role play to the next level and start blogging about my experience and more. Blog about the things that I like to buy and wear. Post about the places that I get to visit and the people that I get to meet and even small plots and intrigues that developed over the course of these encounters.

Of course, over this last year, I can say for a fact that my new passion is the pursuit of Gacha gear, and goods. If I do have any sort of addiction to Second Life it has definitely starting to manifest with Gacha and Gacha events. I get a serious rush when I’m sitting before machine trying to pull that 1 good rare or ultra rare. In my life, I’ve never considered myself to be a lucky man particularly with casinos or chance games. However, I must confess that I seem to have exceptionally great luck getting rare and ultra rare gachas. And I’ve even come to enjoy bringing these items into my role play and making them a part of my story and crafting them into clever plot-lines and then giving them away to players as rewards.



That’s the one thing I do tend to notice that in the eight years that I’ve been roleplaying in Second Life,It’s  that with these type of RPG games not a lot of experience is ever issued out to a player’s character so there’s really only growth through the story but not through actually developing your character by spending points on it to increase his strength or to get new skills. So this is kind of my way of maybe paying it forward or trying to personalize the experience of an RPG for the players who play with me or become involved in one of my plots.

So in closing, I feel that the  purpose and desire in doing this blog; to start chronicling those particular experiences. My goal is to showcase the myriad of sims and scenery,  players and props, fashions and fantasies. I wish to sing epic praises of the beautiful blogs & bloggers who inspire me, who entice my imagination.  Bloggers whose passions burn with a  bold brilliance for the content they produce.


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