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FYI if you are just checking me out..

Welcome to my head…

Thank you for your visit.  I am sorry that I am not ready just yet for you and your viewing pleasure.  I plan to start rolling out posting, proclamations, promotions, passions, places, pictures, pointers and plot-lines…ALL pertaining to Role Play within Second Life.  I’ve been testing looks, layouts and sorts to see what gels with me and what works for you, the people.

My goal, build my blog up throughout 2016 and come January 1, 2017..Have a following, a few fanatic fans who treat me family and steal my looks. But most of all, with humility and a humbled heart, my hope of hopes is to earn admiration from the bloggers whom I see as rock-stars of the SL Fashion Blogger-sphere.

I am, and will always be,

Matteus Weatherwax – The Merchant Royal Mercenary..


Any, suggestions, sound advice, sights or secrets, which anyone may submit would be welcomed with open arms.

Welcome to my head

6 thoughts on “FYI if you are just checking me out..

  1. Yeah I’m kind of liking how this thing itself looks and I’m pretty much going to stick with this one. I’m just now trying to determine sizes and shapes and variance and where to put menus and whatnot so it’s still a work in progress but we’ll see how it goes.


      1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve changed my theme on my site (not my one) a couple of times, so it’s always good to learn about what else it out there. 🙂

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