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Guardian of the Gates



Solider of Fortune
The First Champion

Once a proud warrior, who has crimson running in his veins, remains true to his roots but free of his code, Now he sells the idea that the evolved understanding is that he is a Champion for hire. That his goals are for the greater good and that his morality is founded in the pillars of Gor. If you buy into such notions, or if you are willing to pay for the proverbial solider of fortune, then trust you’ve made the right investment. Any who noticed perhaps can see this man has an air of majesty. Matteus Weatherwax, once one of the most respected warriors of his time before his discharged. Now free of his caste, hires himself as a Champion of Gor.  Nothing more really than an overzealous mercenary, who works strictly for gold and favors paid by any whom he most stands to gain from. He is akin to a modern day Gorean guardian; if such a thing ever manifests in this by-the-book world. Now he walks a path of want and need. The once Red Caste warrior has been honed hard by years of epic battles. Seen as a savage blond beauty for any attending eyes. His body was draped in fabrics of ebony shadow along with a myriad of medals and medallions that speak a heroic telling of utter triumphs. His singular eye, a brilliance hue of green milk-jade makes keen observations. And when he spoke in his rich, masculine baritone voice, he says to all ears which hear, ” Tal, Greetings and Salutations. Ubar, it is agreeable to met you.”ee

“Who are you?” asks the Ubar.

Toll Bridge
          Mercenary of Gor

“How colorful your conception which with you paint shrew satire. WHO AM I you ask…… Well I submit to you that there is no man, force or act  with a greater determination on this planet, or any other, whose foresight is as indomitable as is mine. I know of no darkness which is greater then the light of  my own belief in self. It sounds more like a jest for a man, such as you are to ask me who I am when it is clear that who I am and what I am are both magnanimous and mysterious. Yet without further explanation I can honestly say that you can’t afford to dismiss who I am, and what I have to offer you! “

  Guardian of the Gates


  • Eyepatch: -=B&W=- Eye Patch Right (M)
  • Jacket:  Federico Jacket (Med)
  • Eye(s) Redgrave – (Lime Green)
  • Hair:  ::Exile:: Jackson: (Goldrush)
  • Bracers [R3] – Unisex Bracelets [V2]
  • Pauldrons [R3] – Unisex Bracelets [V3]
  • Bracers [R3] – Unisex Bracelets [V2]
  • Grappling Rope PFC Grapple (Shadow)
  • Backpack: PFC – Cleric pack (Black /Rare)
  • Gloves TonkTastic – Protection Gloves (Male L,XL)
  • Belt [The Forge] Arwen’s Belt (Male Black)
  • Pants – FallOut  AfterMath  (Blackcheck)
  • Boots Fallout  (Black)
  • Boot Dagger [The Forge] Leg Dagger, Male, (Black / Common)
  • Chest Medallion Brooch – pin w/ cross,chains/key (Full Perm)
  • Location – Oasis of Two Scimitars – The Oasis – Oasis information.

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